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Healthy Dental Habits to Follow for a Lifetime

Healthy Dental Habits to Follow for a Lifetime

Here are a few dental habits we’d like you to follow:

Brush, Floss and Rinse: In order to clean your mouth of bacteria, you need to do all three. Gum disease or cavities? They are caused by bacteria in your mouth. Pack a toothbrush in your lunch bag, a couple of small flossers and you’re set. Develop the habit and you’ll rid your mouth of that pesky bacteria!


Dental Appointments every 6 Months: Remember that bacteria? You can clean it out every day – but every six months, you really need a deep cleaning. It’s important to visit your dentist regularly so they can do that deep cleaning and prevent any huge issues from popping up. It’s like cleaning your bathroom – getting rid of all the mold – and checking the pipes. You don’t want to have any big repairs to pay for!


White Teeth Don’t Mean Healthy Teeth: Having model-white teeth is a cosmetic concern, not a sign of superior oral health. Many people have yellow or gray teeth, but this doesn’t mean your teeth are not healthy or not clean. Just like our skin tones are different, your teeth have different shades.


Cut back on Coffee and Soda: If you consume coffee throughout your day or continually drink soda, it’s time to rethink what you drink. Coffee is very acidic and it changes the pH balance in your mouth. Even if you can’t give up the coffee, rinse your mouth with water between cups. Same with soda – the sugar can sit on your teeth. Swish a bit of water and rinse that sugar away if you can’t give it up entirely.