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Dental Experts Guatemala team

Dental Experts Guatemala is a dental clinic specializing in the highest-quality dental solutions available.

We are conveniently located in Guatemala City, in the heart of what used to be the Mayan Empire, just a few hours away from major airports in the United States and only 12 hours away from the East Coast of Canada. Our clinic in located in one of the safest business zones in the country.

Dental Experts Guatemala, Empresarial, Zona Pradera

We are in a location where visitors encounter a fascinating mix of modern technology and entertainment together with the rich heritage of Guatemala. You will find Spanish Colonial culture here along with pre-Columbian Mayan pyramids. Many of our patients and their companions take advantage of the trip to Guatemala to take a well-deserved vacation.

Dental Experts Guatemala describes exactly what we are: a team of highly trained professionals specializing in several fields of dentistry. We were assembled to work together under the leadership of Dr. Alan Antillon. The members of our team work together, creating an informal interdisciplinary committee that gives the whole group insights from different points of view and drawing from their collective knowledge for the benefit of our patients.

Each one of our dentists has received training in the best universities of Guatemala, Spain and elsewhere abroad. They have been personally handpicked by Dr. Antillon for their knowledge and experience, but also for their work ethics, their ability to serve patients, and their human warmth.

Dental Experts Guatemala, Dental TechnologyAs one of our policies, we invest in the latest and most modern equipment and materials. This allows us to offer dental restorations and other solutions that are natural looking, long lasting, and as strong as natural teeth.

Lastly, we are prepared for international patients, just like you! When you call, one of our dentists will pick up the phone and speak to you in English. If you write, one of our dentists will reply to you. When you arrive in Guatemala City, one of our staff members or agents will drive you safely to your hotel and will also bring you to our clinic when it’s time for your appointment.

Our Clinic

Empresarial, Torres Zona Pradera, Guatemala

Our clinic is located in one of the safest business zones in Guatemala City. We are a short walk to a shopping mall, secure banks for exchanging money, restaurants, cinemas and a supermarket.

Dental Experts Guatemala, Dental Clinic Reception

Our receptionist will greet you immediately as you walk in our offices.

Guatemala Dental Clinic, Dental Room, Treatment Room

Each of our treatment rooms offer a view of Guatemala city and state-of-the-art equipment.